Studying Sensation Method in Italy

Our Project

LmH has organized a series of seminars on Rajan Sankaran's Sensation Method. The goal is to teach Homeopaths and all other interested Holistic Therapists how to effectively use the Sensation Method (Mumbai Method) in our daily practices.  Most seminars are held in on beautiful Lago Maggiore, between Northern Italy and Southern Switerland - a splendid vacation spot for families and couples alike. On occasion, some seminars are held directly in Lugano.


Three 3-day seminars were in our 2017 calendar - March, June and October 2017. Other two 3 - day seminars are in the 2018 calendar. January 2018 was held in Lugano, and October 2018 is upcoming on Lago Maggiore!

2019 Calendar includes:

Late Winter Seminar: Finding the Animal in Homeopathy through Sensation

Early Summer Seminar: Special 4 day Residential seminar in Tuscan countryside on "Plant Families and their Sensations"

The Speaker, Dr. Shekhar Algundgi, besides managing his own clinic (Swarahomeoclinnic - The Sound Of Soul) and presenting at numerous seminars in India and abroad, has also been a Staff member at TOS (The Other Song Academy, R. Sankaran) for decades. 

Seminars will be held in English with live translation in Italian. Small groups enhance learning.

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October 2018:                            REVEALING THE SENSATION IN THE PERIODIC TABLE

                                                                      19 – 21 OCTOBER 2018

                                                               LAGO MAGGIORE (TICINO), SWITZERLAND

                                      ...the lake that enchanted Byron, Dickens, Hemingway and many here



March Seminar 2017 on Lago Maggiore

Tatiana G. "I very much appreciated the speaker's expertise and experience."

Daniela C. "Thanks again for the wonderful seminar!"

Vilma P. "The Mumbai Method is particularly interesting, the speaker's presentation and the translation clear and incisive, and the environment friendly and relaxing ."

Simona B. "Thanks again for organizing this course. Precision and hospitality....a special thanks to our Teacher, who with much dedication, is conveying these difficult teachings to us." 

January Seminar 2018 in Lugano